Downsize Diabetes 
Thursday, 10 November 2011 
Frye Regional Medical Center invites you to join them as they give diabetes the pink slip in collaboration with the American Diabetes Association this November. It’s National Diabetes Awareness Month and time to spread the word that diabetes prevention is PROVEN and POSSIBLE. Diabetes is a truly life-threatening disease and Frye has decided that it needs to be let go. Join your local Spirit of Women hospital and 850,000 people around the country in their pledge to finally downsize diabetes.

Anyone can be at risk for diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, there are more than 23.6 million adults and children living with diabetes. Of these, 17.9 million are diagnosed while 5.7 million remain undiagnosed and unaware.

“Diabetes has become the greatest public health crisis of the next quarter century. We are asking everyone in the Greater Hickory Metro area to find out if they, or members of their family, are at risk for diabetes, and we’re showing them how to take action to prevent it,” says Frye’s Diabetes Program Coordinator Bonnie Irvin, MS, RD, LDN, and CDE. “Too many people may not realize that diabetes prevention is even possible.” 

Frye Regional Medical Center acknowledges that healthy lifestyle choices aren’t always easy, but that they never fail to provide excellent returns on your investment. “Eating right, exercising daily, controlling stress levels and maintaining support from family and friends means a life free from preventable illness and pain.” says Mrs. Irvin. “Health is a choice, and choosing to put your health first always pays off.”

Steering clear of diabetes can be much easier when you have the right team. Partner with your doctor and hospital, commit to yourself to spend time on your health and share your commitment those who will hold you accountable. Even small steps, like eating wholesome foods and taking an afternoon walk can make a big difference.

An exclusive member of Spirit of Women, Frye’s policy boils down to providing the Greater Hickory Metro area with simply the most up-to-date information regarding health, wellness and prevention. Consult with us to chart out your strategy as we all decide to downsize diabetes, for good.

For more information on how to make executive decisions to Downsize Diabetes, contact Frye’s Center for Diabetes Self-Management at 828-322-6699. For physician referral, call 828-315-3391.

Downsize Diabetes is powered by Spirit of Women and presented locally by Frye Regional Medical Center.