Frye Prepares for 100-Year Anniversary 

“The study of history is, to a large degree, a quest for meaning. It is to quietly lean forward, hand cupped against an ear, to allow the voices of our past whisper to us their stories.”

- Excerpt from Exceptional Care, a Century Strong: A ‘Mission of Mercy and Healing’: The History of Frye Regional Medical Center


In celebrating its 100th anniversary, Frye Regional Medical Center will be sharing those voices of the past with the community. With commemoration for the founders of the hospital, a history book entitled Exceptional Care, a Century Strong: A ‘Mission of Mercy and Healing’: The History of Frye Regional Medical Center, shares the stories of Dr. Richard Baker, Dr. Jacob Shuford and Dr. Glenn R. Frye, as they strengthen the community through the building and expansion of Richard Baker Hospital. Their continued commitment to the community and their progressive nature to end human suffering is demonstrated throughout the narrative. The history book expresses the value of what a century of healthcare can reveal as the current healthcare industry moves forward with transitions and challenges of its own.

Dr. Jacob Shuford pioneered for a much needed hospital in Hickory, constructing the Richard Baker Hospital in 1911. The hospital was named in honor of his mentor Dr. Richard Baker, and was one of the first privately owned hospitals in the state and the only hospital between Statesville and Asheville. Richard Baker Hospital was opened with 14-beds, a doctor’s office, an examining room, a waiting room, one operating room and delivery room, as well as a kitchen and boiler room.

The hospital has undergone many expansions since it first opened its doors in 1911, including its first addition, made by Dr. Shuford in 1922; four additions made between 1938 and 1967, under the direction of Dr. Frye; and the numerous expansions made since 1974. Presently, Frye Regional Medical Center houses 355 beds in it the acute care main campus and the South Campus.

Illustrating this strength in which Richard Baker Hospital has grown, Frye Regional Medical Center presents an exhibit continuing its 100th anniversary celebration entitled Exceptional Care, a Century Strong. The exhibit will showcase objects used in the early years of the hospital, portraits of the founding doctors, and photographs that express the hospital’s proud history and stability. Also on display will be a replica of a mid 20th century doctor’s office, similar to what a patient would experience when visiting Dr. Frye.

The celebration of Exceptional Care, a Century Strong demonstrates the dedication that Frye Regional Medical Center takes in recognizing the importance of both quality care and the commitment to continually provide for the community. The book will be available starting December of this year. The exhibit will be on display at the Hickory History Center from December 18, 2010 through November 2011.

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