Diagnostics/Radiology Services 

Frye Neurodiagnostics Laboratory
Frye’s Neurodiagnostics Laboratory features the FRMC Sleep Disorders Center, where we can play an important role in detecting, evaluating and treating a wide range of sleep abnormalities and sleep related disorders. We offer six-hour video monitoring and can accommodate night shift workers by performing sleep studies during the day.
Other services offered include:
*Evoked Potentials
*Nerve Conduction Testing
The Neurodiagnostics Laboratory/Sleep Disorders Center can be reached at 828-315-3862/Sleep Center 3863.

Within the Sleep Center we perform night time polysomnography with Cpap/Bipap titrations, oxygen titration, capnography, and nocturnal seizure/REM behavioral disoders with expanded EEG monitoring. We have the capabilities to record from the neonate to the bariatric patients that are unable to get sleep studies at facilities that have limitations on their sleep beds. We alsooffer a wide range of daytime testing.
Polysomngraphy for the shift worker
MSLT/MWT for patients that have normal sleep studies but continue to complain of excessive daytime somnulence and narcolepsy.
For the patients that have difficulty with CPAP/Bipap titrations we offer a desensitation program that enables to come to the center and try different mask and if they are able low level pressures of the machine. This enbles the patient that may have a history of claustrophobia to try cpap before their scheduled appointment.


Diagnostics Imaging

Frye offers four fluoroscopy rooms that have the capabilities to perform routine exams (i.e. Upper GI’s, Barium Studies, etc.) and contrasted procedures (i.e. myelography, arthrography, joint/facet injections, hysterosalpingograms). In addition, six routine procedure rooms enable routine diagnostic procedures (i.e. chest, abdomen, extremities, etc.)

We have one dedicated trauma room within the department and the capabilities to perform trauma procedures in the Emergency Department. We also have one tomography room to perform IVP’s and associated tomography.

Diagnostics Imaging can be reached at 828-315-3172.



We offer three sonography suites with a wide range of diagnostic scanning capabilities including peripheral vascular studies and therapeutic procedures.

Ultrasound can be reached at 828-315-3172.


CT Department

The CT Department offers two CT scanners, one a 16-slice scanner. Both scanners are spiral/helical for fast scanning and processing of images of any body part and additional capabilities for 2-D, 3-D, and 4-D reconstruction, as well as angiography.

CT can be reached at 828-315-3172.



MRI Department

In-house scanner with a wide range of services offered including routine diagnostic procedures and non-invasive angiography.

MRI can be reached at 828-315-3172.


Nuclear Medicine

Our Nuclear Medicine Department contains three Spect capable cameras and one linear whole body camera offering specialty procedures such as lymphoscintigraphy, miraluma studies, CEA scans, octreoscans and Indium and Gallium scans. Our department also offers commonly ordered procedures such as bone scans, dual isotope cardiac studies, thyroid, hepatibiliary and renal scans.

Nuclear Medicine can be reached at 828-315-3172.


Central Scheduling Department

Central Scheduling is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at 828-315-3390 to schedule a procedure for any of these departments.

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