Frye Infusion Care 

Frye Infusion Care is an outpatient service of Frye Regional Medical Center that offers patients a wide spectrum of infusion services. Clinical nurse specialists administer parental medications including chemotherapy, antibiotics, hydration therapy, antivirals, immune globulin, blood and blood products, steroids and hematopetic agents and more. They also provide patient and clinician teaching, first dose administration monitoring, intravenous catheter services, including PICC and MIDline insertion, and central catheter repair as well.

Frye Infusion Care works closely with the Cancer Center at Frye Regional Medical Center as well as other Cancer Centers across North Carolina. In addition, Frye Infusion Care utilizes the latest technologies available including needleless systems and ambulatory infusion pumps. Our staff members work closely with Hospice agencies as well as other home health agencies.

Frye Infusion Care is a special outpatient, ambulatory department with nursing and pharmacy staff available 24 hours daily to answer questions from patients as well as clinicians.

Another benefit of Frye infusion Care is the ease of coordination of benefits with payor sources. With the business office located conveniently within the department, patients can be educated at the time of their therapies regarding their insurance. We encourage patients to ask any questions they feel necessary. Furthermore, physicians have the ability to remain as actively involved as needed. Patients and physicians may take advantage of the convenience of the department while payor sources may take advantage of the reduced cost of an outpatient setting.

The center's extended hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 8:00PM with scheduled visits on weekends. Pharmacy and nursing staff are on call 24 hours daily.

Frye Infusion Care is conveniently located across the street from the main entrance of Frye Regional Medical Center in the Medical Specialty Building on the lower level. If you have any questions please call: 828-324-3043 or toll free at 888-446-3874.