Surgical Services 

Our array of surgical services provide quality care for you or someone you love. We strive to meet the needs of our patients as well as our physicians and staff. Surgical facilities at Frye Regional Medical Center include:

*In-patient operating rooms
*Same Day Surgery Center (15 surgical suites)
*Frye Surgery Center (2 surgical suites)
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The scope of surgical services include:

*Cardiothoracic Surgery
*Neurovascular Surgery
*Surgical Oncology
*Ophthalmic Surgery
*Oral Surgery
*Orthopaedic Surgery
*Ear, Nose, Throat Surgery
*Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
*Urological Surgery
*General Surgery
*GYN Surgery

For more information about our Surgical Services at Frye Regional Medical Center, please call 828-345-5885. For a physician referral please call 800-339-8758.

Frye Surgery Center – Viewmont Campus

Surgical Care Devoted Strictly to Patients Undergoing Elective, Outpatient Procedures.

Frye Regional Medical Center has a satellite surgical facility that is part of our goal to offer complete comprehensive healthcare services. Located 8 blocks North of Frye’s main campus, the Frye Surgery Center – Viewmont Campus is a freestanding multi-specialty facility designed exclusively for the outpatient surgical needs. Offering high quality surgical care in a facility that makes elective, outpatient procedures convenient and efficient.

Qualified Staff and Technology

The Frye Surgery Center - Viewmont Campus is staffed by skilled surgeons, registered professional nurses, certified anesthetists, certified operating room technologists and qualified healthcare professionals. As in the main campus operating rooms, this facility is will equipped with advanced medical technology to meet the needs of today’s healthcare environments.

Comprehensive On-Site Services

The center offers a range of elective surgical procedures performed by Frye Regional Medical Center and its allied health professionals. Procedures relating to elective surgery, including pre-surgical evaluations, examinations, post-operative check-ups and the procedures themselves are performed on site at the Viewmont Campus. In most cases, visits to the main hospital shouldn’t be necessary.

Our facilities are designed to be accessible, comforting and inviting to our surgical patients and the families and friends who accompany them. Family and friends are free to wait comfortably in an intimate family center complete with television, vending machines and phones available for their comfort and convenience. If you wish to leave the facility, beepers can be provided to notify you when your family/significant other’s procedure is completed. Conference rooms are also available for private briefings with physicians and family members.

The Frye Surgery Center – Viewmont Campus, in addition to Frye Regional Medical Center, is just another way we provide for the changing needs of our community. And as our community continues to grow and to change, Frye will keep growing and changing with it, serving the people of our area with an increasingly sophisticated and specialized level of care.

Frye Surgery Center-Viewmont Campus services include:

*Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat
*General Surgery
*Oral Surgery
*Maxillofacial Surgery