Unifour Pain Treatment Center 

The Unifour Pain Treatment Center, a service of Frye Regional Medical Center, is staffed by a group of dedicated anesthesiologists who sub-specialize in acute and chronic pain management. We are committed to quality, personalized treatment plans for our patients with diseases and injuries which cause them pain. We work in close contact with primary care physicians, specialists, physical therapists and counselors to ensure a team approach to pain management. We consider no painful condition "too minor" and are willing to assist any patient whose physician feels may benefit from our services.

Conditions that might be considered for a pain management program include:

*Cancer Pain
*Low Back Pain
*Failed Back Surgery
*Chronic Muscle Spasm
*Diabetic and Other Neuropathies
*Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
*Pain from Peripheral Vascular Disease


 Managing Joint Pain...



Providing quality pain management often requires a multi-modal treatment plan. The physicians at Unifour Pain Treatment Center are skilled at diagnostic and therapeutic injections and nerve blocks. In addition, we offer pharmacologic regimens including chronic opioid management when appropriate. Because of the adverse emotional impact chronic pain can have, we work closely with psychological services to treat this important aspect of our patients' well-being. The local availability of physical and occupational therapists assist us in improving our patients' functional capacity and rehabilitation. In refractory pain states, we can offer advanced modalities, such as implantation of spinal cord stimulators and intrathecal infusion pumps.

The Unifour Pain Treatment Center is a spacious and well-equipped facility centrally located in Hickory, North Carolina. There is very ample parking on site. We have dedicated procedure and consultation rooms, as well as comfortable waiting and monitored recovery area. In-house radiographic imaging is available for invasive procedures. Safe conscious sedation can be utilized during blocks for anxious patients.

Unifour Pain Treatment Center is located at:

250 18th Street Circle SE
Hickory, NC 28602

You may telephone Unifour Pain Treatment at 828-324-4005 or fax to 828-345-5974.

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