Extensive treatment options

Frye Regional Medical Center provides a full complement of cancer treatments. Our team of specialists, including radiologists, pathologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists and other medical sub-specialists, review cancer cases and determine treatments in weekly Tumor Board sessions. Although a Tumor Board review is available to every patient, this approach is particularly advised for patients with complex cancer. In addition, our patients have access to the latest in clinical trials through our board certified medical and surgical oncologists.


Surgical Oncology

Surgery is an integral component to the treatment plan of many cancer patients.  Recently, we enhanced our expertise with the addition of robotic-assisted surgical procedures that can result in a faster recovery, less trauma and a reduced hospital stay.  




Radiation Oncology 

Complete with valet parking and ground floor entrance, our new state-of-the art radiation oncology facility provides patients with advanced technology to treat their disease. The new linear accelerator is designed to track and destroy cancer cells with pinpoint precision. With sophisticated onboard treatment planning system, we can provide Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT ) to target cancer tissue with tightly focused 3D radiation beams. Aiming a precise dose of radiation to the shape and depth of the tumor avoids damage to the surrounding healthy tissue.



The Infusion Care Center provides outpatient chemotherapy and other infusion services. Nurses specially trained in chemotherapy and biotherapy administer intravenous medications including chemotherapy, antibiotics, hydration therapy, antivirals, immune globulin, blood and blood products, steroids, and hermatopetic agents. Using the latest technologies available, including needleless systems and ambulatory infusion pumps, the Infusion Care Center provides first dose administration and monitoring, intravenous catheter services, including PICC and MIDline insertion, and central catheter repair, with our on-site pharmacist overseeing each dose.


Lymphedema Clinic

Our certified lymphedema therapists assist patients in controlling and reducing lymphatic swelling associated with cancer. Specialized massage and wrapping techniques are used to reduce fluids in the soft tissues providing relief from pain and reducing the risk of cellulitis infection. For more information about our Lymphedema Program, CLICK HERE.