Lung Care

Breathe Easier With Frye Regional’s Lung Center

About the Frye Regional Lung Center
The Frye Regional Lung Center offers a comprehensive approach to help individuals experiencing difficulty with lung function, disease or disorders.

Advanced Lung Care may be needed for:

  • Lung cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Lung tissue diseases, such as pulmonary fibrosis and sarcoidosis
  • Lung circulation diseases, such as pulmonary hypertension
  • Breathing difficulties such as severe or chronic asthma, sinusitis and allergies
  • Sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome or other sleep disorders

Breathing Difficulty or Disorders

The Frye Lung Center offers various therapeutic treatments for individuals who may experience various short-term and long-term breathing difficulty or disorders including:

  • Therapeutic Bronchoscopy - Procedure opens obstructed airway for easier breathing
  • Bronchial Stents - Stents may improve airflow in the lungs. The Frye Lung Center is the only Center in the region to offer Y stenting, a more advanced procedure that may open multiple airways with a single stent.
  • Bronchial Lavage - Washes out the lung to remove items such as tissue or infection and may help improve breathing
  • Thoracentesis - Drains fluid off the lungs that may cause shortness of breath
  • Bronchial Thermoplasty - Procedure is designed to help individuals who suffer from severe asthma through a series of ablation treatments that reshapes tissue in the airways.

About The Team
The Frye Regional Lung Center consists of specialists and providers, respiratory therapists, nurses, imaging specialists and others who treat individuals experiencing issues with lung function, disease or disorders.

Lung Specialists
Pulmonology Specialists - Interventional pulmonologists, pulmonologists, and sleep medicine specialists help lung patients from everyday issues with breathing to more intensive breathing disorders and cancer and other diseases. Sleep medicine is also offered as a specialty.

Lung surgeons - Dr. Mark Hennington and Dr. Richard Carlton specialize in surgical procedures for lung patients including minimally invasive VATS lobectomy and pneumonectomy. These board-certified cardiothoracic surgeons are able to perform invasive and complex lung surgeries for cancer and tumor removal.

Frye Regional Medical Center
From respiratory therapists, critical care and rehabilitation nurses, cardiothoracic surgeons, interventional pulmonologists, intensivists and oncology or imaging specialists who work with lung patients, the team at Frye Regional is equipped to work with patients who require inpatient care or an outpatient procedure. During recovery, Frye Regional offers inpatient and outpatient pulmonology therapy as well as Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

FryeCare Outpatient Imaging Center offers a wide array of imaging services to diagnose lung problems.

Frye Regional Cancer Center
Comprehensive Cancer Center offers diagnosis and treatment, supportive care and cancer navigation services. Frye Regional offers a comprehensive Cancer Center to support lung cancer patients, from diagnostic tests to confirm a cancer diagnosis to surgical removal and chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Lung Cancer is one of Frye’s top 4 cancer diagnoses, and we work closely with referring physicians to find ways to diagnose cancer earlier, and offer the latest treatments for lung cancer patients.

Learn more about Lung Cancer Screening.


Frye Regional Sleep Center
Accredited Sleep Center can detect and determine issues related to lung function during sleep.

Sleep Disorders - Frye Regional’s Sleep Center, accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, offers sleep testing to detect and treat sleep disorders including sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, insomnia or narcolepsy.

The Sleep Center includes:

  • Home Sleep Studies
  • Polysomnography for the Shift Worker
  • Frye Neurodiagnostics Laboratory

Meet the providers:

Cardiothoracic surgeons:

  • Mark Hennington, M.D., FACS
  • Richard Carlton, M.D., FACS

Interventional Pulmonology and Pulmonology

  • Franklin McGuire, M.D., Interventional Pulmonologist, Board-Certified in Pulmonary Medicine, Internal Medicine and Critical Care
  • Mary Polk, M.D., Pulmonologist and Sleep Medicine, Specialist Board-Certified in Pulmonary Medicine, Internal Medicine and Critical Care
  • Richard Lupton, M.D., Pulmonologist and Intensivist, Board-Certified in Pulmonary Medicine, Internal Medicine and Critical Care
  • Milt McPherson, M.D., Pulmonologist and Intensivist, Board-Certified 
  • Cassandra Starnes, DNP, MSN, RN, FNP-BC, Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner
  • Kodi Ethridge, P.A., Board-Certified Physician Assistant

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