Due to COVID-19, Frye Regional Medical Center is cancelling ALL classes and events until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we look forward to resuming our classes and events when it is appropriate.

Pelvic Health Classes

Join us for a low intensity health program called Core & Beyond for women of all ages designed to educate and make pelvic health a topic women are more willing to talk about.

Core & Beyond Classes

When: Four-week class series (class meets one day a week for one hour)

August 29 - September 19, 2019

Where: Education Classroom, Frye Regional Medical Center

What TIme: 5:15 - 6:15 pm

Register online or call (828) 315-3186 if you have questions. 

There is a $10 fee for Core & Beyond classes payable at the door by cash or check.

About the Class

This specialized, low intensity pelvic health class provides general exercise that can help to correct the symptoms of stress incontinence and urge incontinence. Even if incontinence is not severely impacting your life you may want to try this community class that takes you through progression of exercises to help correct milder forms of incontinence and bladder leakage. It also provides an opportunity to talk with a physical therapist to discuss if pelvic health therapy and incontinence treatment  is the right track for you or if you should see your primary care physician or possibly a urologist.

The class is low intensity at first (more like yoga) and becomes more functional and energetic toward the end of the eight-week class series. 

In addition to strengthening underused pelvic floor muscles, the class provides simple educational tips and materials about topics ranging from dietary modifications to hygiene that may lead for better pelvic and bladder health.

Benefits include:

  • Better bladder control (may help you stop leaking urine)
  • Stronger pelvic core and flatter abs
  • Improved sexual health


Find Us

Frye Regional Physical Therapy 
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Phone: (828) 315-3186

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Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Frye Regional's Pelvic Health Program is offered in the Therapy Services Department at the hospital's main campus located on North Center Street. Enter through the Therapy Services area. Valet parking is available.