Frye Regional Medical Center established the DOLPHIN Award in 2014 in loving memory of Jeffery Easterling, the former Environmental Services Administrative Director at Frye Regional.

Jeff embodied the characteristics of the DOLPHIN Award and set an example for all employees during his tenure at Frye. In November 2010, Jeff lost his battle with Chronic Systemic Disease, but his passion for patient care continues to inspire the Frye team.

The DOLPHIN Award recognizes the aspects that Jeff possessed:
Professionalism and willingness to
Help those

                      Jeffrey Allen Easterling, Sr.

The acronym also recognizes Jeff’s love of the Miami Dolphins professional football team.

These are a few of the characteristics that set Jeff apart:

  • His great smile and contagious laugh as he greeted employees each morning
  • His “can do attitude”
  • His loyalty to his family and fellow co-workers
  • His professionalism modeled verbally and through his interactions with others
  • His compassion for and generosity to others in need of comfort

The goal in creating the DOLPHIN Award in Jeff’s memory is to recognize a team member at Frye Regional Medical Center who exemplifies Jeff’s work ethic and giving spirit. The DOLPHIN Award complements the DAISY Award, which recognizes extraordinary nurses at Frye.

Nominate a Frye employee for the DOLPHIN Award

This employee exemplifies the kind of employee that the patient and families, as well as Frye Regional Medical Center, recognize as an outstanding role model. This employee exhibits these highly valued qualities and attributes:

  • Demonstrates dedication and ownership by going above and beyond what it is expected in his/her role
  • Shows loyalty in performance by consistently being at his or her best
  • Demonstrates professionalism in communication and actions
  • Helps those in need by exhibiting compassion and a generous heart for those with whom they interact
  • Models empathy and demonstrates a caring attitude in all situations
  • Has significantly “made a difference” in the life of a patient or any others whom he or she has come into contact
  • Has performed outstanding acts of kindness and or service to fellow employees or customers
  • Generates enthusiasm and energy towards meeting the challenges of the workplace and during interactions with patients, families, staff, and physicians 
  • Works with others to achieve common goals and affect change

Nominations received by the 15th of the month will be considered for the following month’s DOLPHIN Award.
Please submit your nomination by placing the completed form in any of the DOLPHIN Award collection boxes throughout the hospital, or submit a nomination online by clicking the link above.

You may also mail your nomination form to:
Frye Regional Medical Center
Attention: Maureen M. McMahon
420 N Center Street, Hickory, NC 28601