Cancer Nurse Navigators

Providing Help Along The Way

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is an emotionally charged and confusing time. In addition to the support and information provided by your physicians and family, Frye Regional’s certified oncology nurse navigators are available for an added measure of encouragement, education, and assistance.

About Nurse Navigation

Cancer Nurse Navigators are specially trained Oncology Certified Nurses (OCN) who provide a holistic approach to help with a cancer patient's physical and emotional needs. Frye's team of cancer nurse navigators will listen to the patient's needs and expectations, provide answers to questions, and guide patients through the care process – helping to coordinate and streamline treatment.

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Meet Our Cancer Nurse Navigator

Amber Seagle, RN, OCN

What is a Cancer Nurse Navigator?

Cancer nurse navigators are patient advocates. Cancer patients have a very large care team. It’s very challenging to understand all that is involved. Nurse navigators offer one source of truth where patients can go to to ask questions and share their concerns. Nurse navigators are often called angels because they are there for patients throughout the ups and downs of treating cancer.

One-on-One Support 

Navigators are available to go to first appointments with patients since it is common for patients to shut down after they hear the word cancer. They bring comfort by being present, taking notes and helping the patient to understand how they need to move forward.

Cancer nurse navigators offer one-on-one information and support including:

  • Help for patients and families to understand your cancer diagnosis
  • Assistance in evaluating treatment options
  • Education about treatment, medications, side effects and recovery
  • Coordination of appointments with various physicians and therapists
  • Facilitation of communication between patients and care teams
  • A referral, if needed, to support programs and resources in the broader community
  • Emotional support and guidance
  Frye's cancer nurse navigator program is confidential, and the program is offered free of charge.


Help to Recover

Navigators continue to help patients as they recover from cancer to empower them to move forward by educating healthcare providers about their condition and how it may affect the type of care they receive. For example, a breast cancer patient can inform healthcare providers about where lymph nodes that have been removed so blood pressure is not taken in the arm on that side of the body - preventing lymphedema. Nurse navigators also educate patients regarding what screenings are needed as they age.

Cancer Survivorship

Cancer survivorship is improving every year with new treatments and research. As an accredited Cancer Center, we provide a treatment summary to patients when they finish treatment. This can be very emotional and meaningful for patients. They can get questions answered and learn about any additional steps they need to take moving forward. 

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