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Most cancers start with abnormal cells growing out of control. Sometimes you will experience symptoms, but often you will not. That’s why Frye Regional’s High-Risk Assessment Clinic is so important. Understanding your genetic predisposition for developing certain types of cancer can be life-saving,

The High-Risk Assessment clinic is staffed by a specially trained oncology certified nurse (OCN) with training in genetics who helps assess your risk for certain types of cancer including breast, ovarian, colon and uterine cancer. In order to do this, she gathers information about your background and family history. Based on your answers, she is able to determine if additional testing is necessary.

Genetic testing can help you understand the risk of developing cancer and can also drive treatment options if cancer is diagnosed. For example, a recent development in genetics means that some certain breast cancer patients may not need to have chemotherapy where before chemotherapy was the gold standard. Now based on several factors including genetic testing, your doctor may determine that you may need only radiation therapy or increased surveillance. Knowing that genetic testing can empower your family to receive individualized treatment that is scientifically based often brings peace of mind.   


Many insurance plans now cover genetic testing. Our OCN /clinic coordinator can help gather information, draw any lab work and send the necessary paperwork requisitions to doctors to help them gain insight into the best treatment options for you or your family member. She can also briefly go over the results with you and set up an appointment with a genetics counselor, who is up to date on the latest developments in genetics. 

A meeting with a genetics counselor is free until you are notified that there will be a cost. Don't let cost be a barrier to finding out about your cancer risk.

For cancer patients, our Bras Because fund may be able to help pay for genetics counseling.

Testing is Simple

The genetic testing process is simple. It consists of a saliva sample or blood draw that is analyzed by a laboratory that can look for key factors indicating your risk. Based on your result, several actions can be taken to manage cancer risk. Surveillance requires careful screening and exams to catch the disease early enough so it can be successfully treated. 

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Genetic testing can help you understand your risk of developing cancer, but it is not recommended for everyone.

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