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Frye Offers A Licensed Oncology Social Worker

Licensed oncology social workers help patients and caregivers cope with the emotional, financial and physical struggles that can often come along with a cancer diagnosis.

An oncology social worker is an important member of the health care team, helping patients navigate the health care system and provide education, information services, and referrals to community resources.

Attending To The Needs Of The Whole Person

An oncology social worker understands that cancer affects each person in a different way and that many aspects of a person’s life contribute to the experience, including a person’s ethnicity, spirituality, personality, life experiences and family situation.

An oncology social worker talks to people about their feelings and the challenges they face managing their health care and helping them develop strategies to address their concerns.

Talking with a professional who has assisted other people in similar situations may help people living with cancer identify ways to improve their quality of life, manage their fears and find hope.

This process can happen through counseling, support groups and referrals to community agencies that have additional support programs.

Counseling Provided In A Variety Of Settings

The goal of Frye’s counseling program is to serve the needs of the whole patient. It may be more helpful for some patients to meet with the counselor alone while others may want to involve family or friends for support. Our program offers individual counseling, couples counseling, family counseling, and/or support group sessions.

When To Seek Counseling

Although it’s normal to experience emotional distress while living with cancer, it’s important to seek professional help when the distress is long lasting and interferes with your ability to carry out daily activities.

You may find counseling helpful even if your level of distress is not severe. Living with cancer is an enormous challenge for everyone, and even a few counseling sessions are likely to be helpful.

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis can vary from person to person. How each individual handles this information can be affected by many factors and may even change from day to day.

Find Out If Counseling Services Can Help

Please call Frye Regional’s Clinical Social Worker at (828) 315-5092 to learn more about counseling services.

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