Heart Stories


Deward was active in running his landscape business, when his heart started beating irregularly he became too tired to work. His family doctor suggested that he see Dr. Wiley, an electrophysiologist at Frye's Heart Center. Dr. Wiley discovered that Deward was in congestive heart failure and performed an advanced cryoablation procedure to help restore Deward's heart pumping function so Deward could return to creating beautiful outdoor spaces with his sons, Dee and Casey.


Mitchell Hughes is a family man whose home is where his heart is. Discover how the experts at Frye Regional Medical Center gave Mitchell the life-saving care he needed to make many more family memories and why it’s people like Mitchell who remind us why we do what we do.



Nothing brings Wanda quite as much joy as working in her garden. When she wasn’t feeling like herself, she turned to the experts at Frye Regional Medical Center. Listen in as Wanda describes a new season of life, filled with smiles and laughter as a result of the life-saving heart care she received at Frye Regional. 



Floyd Hayes used to take the little things for granted until tests revealed two blockages in his heart. Find out how the experts at Frye Regional Medical Center saved Floyd’s life and why he’s now treating every new moment in life as a gift.

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