Occupational Health


The WorkPoint Wellness program helps provide ease of access to health care services and ongoing communication between you and your employees to improve the overall health and wellness of your workforce. 

The program can also assist in controlling costs associated with rising worker's compensation and general healthcare costs.


There are four basic components that make up the WorkPoint Wellness program, they include:

  1. Occupational Health Services - Injury Prevention
  • Providing onsite safety informational talks and on-site loss prevention strategies
  • Schedule physicals, drug screens, and any other required pre-hire services
  • Needs analysis of worksite
  1. Workers' Compensation Services - Injury Intervention
  • Cost-effective and efficient providers to ensure timely treatment
  • Providers that understand the importance of completing Return-to-Work paperwork thoroughly and quickly
  • Ongoing communication regarding appointments, tests ordered, etc. to keep you informed about the status of your injured employee
  1. Preventative Health/Wellness Services - Wellness Promotion
  • Review of preventative health benefits available in your insurance plan
  • Employee education talks and events regarding their wellness benefits
  • Health Risk Appraisal education and services—surveys that provide individual’s information regarding their current health risk factors, as well as suggesting areas for improvement
  1. Group Health Services - General Health
    • Monthly health education and safety awareness information via email addresses and flyers
    • Healthy@Work Home cards— 24/7 service coordination number to call for assistance in scheduling all employees’ healthcare needs
    • Provide a Specific Employer and Employee Design (SEED) health promotion plan

The program's Corporate Health Consultant Holli Cline will act as a liaison between you and Frye Regional Medical Center and affiliated providers. There is no cost associated with enrolling in the WorkPoint Wellness program.

To schedule a complimentary on-site employee health consultation session call (828) 455-1692