What is Lymphedema?

Lymphededma is the swelling of a body part, most often affecting the limbs, due to the accumulation of protein rich fluid in the tissues. This causes excess fluid to enter the area and the tissues to swell. The swelling decreases the oxygenation of the tissues and interferes with their normal functioning. Lymphedema is a chronic and progressive disease that continues to worsen over time when not treated.

What are the symptoms of the Lymphedema?

• Swelling of limb or body part
• Heaviness, aching, tightness
• Limitation of movement
• Joint pain
• Repeated infections (cellulitis)
• Skin dryness and thickening
• Fluid leakage

What are the treatments for Lymphedema?

Our lymphedema philosophy is multifaceted and centered upon the Vodder technique of Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT), which is recognized as the treatment of choice for lymphedema. The program is individualized for the patient to include:

Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) consisting of:

  • Skin hygiene
  • Manual lymph drainage (MLD)
  • Bandaging and compression
  • Individualized exercises performed while the limb is bandaged/compressed 

How can I prevent Lymphedema?

Follow any precautions your doctor gives you. You may be at risk for lymphedema if you have had lymph nodes surgically removed or if you have received radiation therapy. Lymphedema can occur within a few days, months, or years after surgery.

What precautions can I take?

• Avoid extreme temperatures
• Avoid insect bites, injections, pet scratches, skin punctures and cuts on the affected extremity
• Avoid blunt trauma on the affected extremity
• Do not have blood pressure taken on affected extremity

Early diagnosis and treatment improves both the prognosis and the condition. Do not ignore even the slightest swelling. Seek medical treatment immediately.

Frye Regional Medical Center is proud to be an Affiliate Treatment Center with the National Lymphedema Network.

The Lymphedema Program is located on the ground level of Frye Regional Medical Center. Enter through the Therapy Services Entrance. Complimentary valet parking is available.

For more information about the Lymphedema Program or to schedule an appointment, please call (828) 315-3186.

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Frye Regional's Lymphedema Program is offered in the Therapy Services Department at the hospital's main campus located on North Center Street. Enter through the Therapy Services area. Valet parking is available.